Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Porte vendres

Margaret and Charles first arrived in Roussillon in 1923. They stayed at a hotel in Amélie les Bains and rented an old toll house, across the river, as a studio.   Then for their first summer, they moved down to the coast and rented rooms in Collioure.   What had started as a holiday became a permanent stay:

in this lovely rose-coloured land... with its warmth and its sun’.

collioure harbour

Their second winter was spent in Ille-sur-Têt.  In the spring they made their way up the Têt valley, stopping at Villefranche and Olette to explore some of the surrounding mountain villages, before arriving at Mont Louis which became their summer base for the next three years.  In the autumn they moved back down to the coast to the Hotel du Commerce in Port Vendres where from now on now they spent every winter.  

All these places, and their surroundings, provided the subjects for Mackintosh’s highly distinctive landscapes. After Toshie’s death from cancer in 1928 Margaret returned to Port Vendres to spread his ashes upon the waters of the harbour in the place where he finally found fulfillment and where they spent probably the happiest days of their lives.

Palalda by CR Mackintosh Collioure by Mackintosh L’Heré de Mallet by Mackintosh BOULETERNÈRE by C R Mackintosh

(Priv. Coll. Scot. Nat Gallery ).   


(Art Institute of Chicago), 

L’Heré de Mallet   

(Priv.Coll. Scot.Nat. Gallery ).


(Private Estate, New York).

Slate Roofs byC R Mackintosh La Llagonne by C R Mackintosh Quaq des Douanes by C R Mackintosh The fort by C R Mackintosh
Slate Roofs

(Glasgow School of Art )

La Llagonne

(Kelvingrove Museum)

Quaq des Douanes

(British Museum)

The Fort

(Hunterian Art Gallery)