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Mackintosh combined influences from his own Scottish heritage with his discoveries of other cultures.

In the Mackintosh tradition, the association encourages cross cultural borrowing on as many levels as possible to try and stimulate a diversity of creative innovation.

The range of projects is particularly Franco-Scottish and is deliberately diverse.


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We have commissioned a stage play entitled "The Rose and the Raven" By Alannah Sullivan which tells the Mackintosh story from the point of view of Margaret Macdonald at the time of her final pilgrimage to Port Vendres to sort out her husband's things, abandoned at the time of his final illness.

She spread his ashes on the waters of the harbour in the place where they probably spent the happiest days of their lives.

Difficulties of subsidising production have placed the project on hold and if we continue to be unsuccessful, we may produce it as a video rather than a live performance.


In a one week workshop, led by composer John Moore, we combined three traditional and one classical musician from Scotland with a similar Catalan grouping and this resulted in a highly successful concert in Roussillon of a music that was both new and different. Further workshops then developed the idea into an orchestral score by David Heath which was performed with the BBC Symphony Orchestra in Glasgow at the Celtic Connections festival.

Other concert tours have involved a group of opera soloists, a combination of Catalan cellist and Scottish pianist, and Catalan cello /Spanish guitar duo touring both in Roussillon and Scotland.